Interesting Way To Create Textures On Fabric

Very less do we know that we can create textures and pattern with the things easily available at home. Here are few interesting ideas to try with fabric dying….


Rust Dying– Rust dyeing is a process by which fabrics are colored using objects that are prone to rusting.It yields unusual and fascinating patterns and designs, and is very easy to do. You can use a single item for resistance or can also combine two or three different materials for your project. For example, use stapler pins, rusted keys, coins, etc for a beautiful textures.


Stapler Pins and Cloth pins-They are a good resistance for dying. Decide a pattern for your working, and staple the pins in that direction. You can then dye the fabric, once dried up just take the pins off the fabric. The texture of the pins will now be transferred to the fabric creating a beautiful pattern.


Safety pins– Safety pins create a very specific and strong texture. Use them for creating textures for clothing, babies napkins, table linens etc.


Salt Technique– Well this one is a little different then the rest. You have to first paint or dye the piece of the cloth and then sprinkle salt grains in those areas where you want the texture to be created. Salt grains takes away the dye from those areas leaving a grainy pattern behind. One can also work out different shapes and letters with it, or just create a simple all over pattern by just randomly sprinkling it all over.


Ice dying– Well this is an interesting dying method and can be easily done. Keep a fabric underneath and put ice cubes over it and now sprinkle the dye colors over the ice cubes. The cubes will keep melting and bring the dye to the fabric as it melts. Let the fabric dry, before you take it out.


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  1. How many hours later would the fabric be dry and ready to take out of the dye tray? About 5 hours on a hot day? Today is Christmas Eve 2020 and I cant wait for Summer to try it. Thank you.

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