Banana Sushi- A Healthy Snack Option

Sushi itself is a great food which is popular all over the world. It is generally made up of rice but has various variations. But more than it is a technique of rolling up all the stuff together. Likewise, Banana sushi is a great snack which is healthy too. Also its very easy and quick to make if you have the basic ingredients at home. If you have kids at home, or have a sweet tooth then you will love to make it. Especially its great for those evening hunger pangs when you end up munching on something which is not so healthy. Here are few recipes to try on….

Banana Nutella Sushi– For nutella lovers this is a great recipe and to make it more healthy you can use normal roti, or even a parantha for the base. Spread nutella all over and put the banana at a corner. Now roll over and cut it into pieces.


Peanut Butter and Rice flakes– Roll banana into peanut butter and then into a plate of rice flakes, now cut it into pieces. Put it in freeze for a better taste. A healthy snack is ready. Try consuming it the same day.


Chocolate Peanut Butter– Roll over the banana in peanut butter, even out the layer with knife, and dip into a mixture of thick dark chocolate sauce. Now sprinkle sesame seeds, pistachio over it. You can also sprinkle designated coconut over it. Refrigerate and cut into pieces.


Banana and nuts sushi– The recipe is same as others, just replace the last coating with Chia and Hemp seeds for a nutty flavor.


Cereal and yogurt sushi– Greek yogurt acts as a sticking agent for the cereals here. You can use the one your kids love like cornflakes, nachos etc. and some fresh cut fruits too.


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