Pulwama Terror Attack, Let’s Pledge To Honor The Sacrifices Of Our Soldier’s

Aae Watan Mere watan Aabad rahe Tu, Mai Janha Rahon Jahan Mai Yaad Rahe Tu……

How we wish that we didn’t had to write up something like this, but the need of the hour says that we need to be more aware and start thinking about what we as the citizen of this country are doing for the nation. And no its not the job of our soldiers, bureaucrats or politicians to bring in a change, infact it is a duty of each and every single citizen of this nation to serve this motherland with pride and honor.

What happened in Pulwama with our brave soldiers is well known to everybody and there are so many questions which we all want to ask but apart from all this there are a few things which needs to be addressed immediately. The most important of them being is our moral responsibility and duty towards our nation. Our soldiers go through so much each and everyday so that we could be safe at our homes, they are far off from their families so that we could enjoy our lives with our families. They don’t get to spend Sunday’s with their children, and most of the times are not there for the parents teacher’s meet or for the children’s annual day programme’s so that our children could live safely. Believe us living away from the family is tough to an extent that you and us cannot even imagine. We enjoy so many privileges just because someone out there is protecting the borders of the nation. They and their families go through many things which you and us cannot even imagine just because of the reason that the motherland should be safe from the enemies, but what about us and our duties. They are already protecting the borders and its our responsibility to make this nation a better place by protecting the core. How, well these points might work.

Please vote– We dont think we need to explain why each and every vote makes a difference. Don’t favor particular religion or caste just vote for the right candidate who would serve the motherland.

Promote local business– Its important that we learn the importance of this issue. There are several home grown business which are at par to the international brands but just because they are local we ditch them. This is completely wrong infact your costly and expensive stuff mostly comes with a tag ‘Made In India’.

Cherish our culture and handlooms– Looking upto the west for good reasons is always a good thing but forgetting the roots is wrong. We need to cherish our culture be it our langauages, art , textiles, handlooms, cuisines or even our ancient Ayurvedic practices. If we don’t learn it what will we teach to the next generation. Don’t forget that this motherland is our identity no matter what you do and where you live.

Be honest to your profession– This is very very important if we wish to make this country a better place to live in. If each one of us do their jobs wholeheartedly and with honesty, the biggest of the issues in this country will be resolved easily. Find out a way how you can make a difference with your work to serve this nation.

Don’t favor castesim and religion– A soldier on the border is just a soldier and is known just because of his uniform, therefore refrain from any favorism of any kind which is a threat to the development of the nation. An evil person has no caste and no religion just like terrorism.

Roadside romeos, criminals– Please use your energy to do something productive and to build this nation rather than bringing in a bad name to the nation. Our soldiers have done a lot to protect this country from the enemies and the nature doesn’t need your existence to spread negativity inside the country.

Protect younger generation– We are the second largest populated nation in the world, by this you would well understand what difference it can make in the world if we give our children the right kind of upbringing. The world should be a better place for them to live in.

Stay united– United we stand, divided we fall. India is a multicultural and multilingual country with people from different faiths and religion living together. We need to build this and should not fall prey to fake news and instigation. Remember we all are Indians first.

Let’s pledge to be more responsible and to make this country a better place for the generations to come, lets not let the sacrifices of our soldiers go waste this time. Few changes which you and us can make will make the departed souls rest in peace by seeing a better India. ‘ JAI HIND AND JAI BHARAT’.

At last this is a heartfelt poem in the voice of Anupam Kher which compares the life of a soldier with that of a civilian….

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