4 Ways To Decorate And Drape A Chair

For any occasion, decorating a chair is one of the best ways to bring life to the party decor. Table and chair settings and draping really add up to the look of the entire setup. You can take help of various elements to make your setting look beautiful. Here are a few ideas to do it….

Broach– The drape on the chair can be fastened with a broach, a nice chunky piece can really uplift the look of the entire drape. You can also use the broach with other elements like a bow or flowers or any other design element to make a great setup.

Flowers– Flowers add a romantic feel to the entire set up. They look better when done in pastel shades. You can pick a few flowers or use an entire bunch, the choice is yours. Also you can decide upon the placement of the flowers according to your design. The flowers can be placed over the drape fastener or on one corner of the chair.

Frills– Use frills for a fairy tale decor. You can mix and match different textures like a net and satin and go for different colors for this setup.

Bow– Bow is simple and easy to make. When you have limited resources then this is the best way to make your chair the highlight of the evening. Choose any drape and it will go with it perfectly.

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