Mango Flavored Drinks For A Refreshing Fruity Drink

Mango is the king of fruits which is loved by everyone. And when you are craving for a refreshing fruity drink then nothing can be better than trying something in mango flavor. Here are a few drinks which you can easily make at home to quench your thirst……

Mango Ice tea– Prepare ice tea using regular black tea and once it cools down add sugar, lemon juice, mint leaves and a bit of mango juice to it. Take a long glass and add crushed ice cubes to it. Now pour the mixture in this glass and garnish with mint leaves.

Mango lemonade– Adding mango flavor to refreshing lemonade drink is a perfect drink for a thirsty soul which is looking for something refreshing. Prepare lemonade like you normally do and simply add mango juice to the drink for a fruity punch.

Mango mojito— In a glass add sugar, mint leaves and lemon slices along with some crushed ice. Now using a long spoon lightly crush everything together. Add a bit of mojito syrup and some mango juice. Garnish with mint leaves. You can also add a bit of small mango chunks to this drink.

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