5 Negative Space Bridal Heena Designs To Watch Out For

Negative space designs look unique and striking. They have their own charm but should be done only by professional hands as they get a little tricky to make at times. And the same goes for the henna or mehndi designs. Hands done with negative space designs are perfect for bridal mehndi designs and look absolutely surreal. Here are a few design inspirations…

Floral designs– Taking inspiration from various floral forms and doing them in different sizes will make your heena hands to stand out. Do make sure that the floral design is big enough to be clearly visible.

Jali designs– Jaali design is one of the best heena pattern a bride can ask for. This pattern looks more striking when done in negative space style. The impact of the design also depends upon the size and clarity of the design left out bare. Choose a simple pattern which is clean and clear and doesn’t creates too much mess or abstract.

Mix and match– You can also mix and match various patterns instead of sticking to one style of design. Combine jaal with floral patterns, or any geometric design with a floral one and it will look perfect for the occasion.

Barfi design– A simple barfi design done alternatively with the negative space design is also a great option to try out.

Geometric patterns– Geometric patterns look very very interesting when done in negative space style, do try it.

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