Nose Pin Designs For Brides

Brides today are very particular about the kind of look they want for their wedding day, be it clothes, jewelry or makeup everything is pre decided.

Nose rings are an integral part of bridal jewelry and here are few designs which would help to choose the best one for yourself…..

Delicate half nose ring pattern– Done generally in kundan and pearls this pattern which is done just half way through is the most apt choice for any bride, specially for the ones who want a little heavy look but do not want to overdo it.


Delicate nose pin design– This is the most common of all the designs which is also very easy to carry, specially for the brides who do not have their nose pierced. A simple metallic ring with a simple flower design at one side is accompanied by a single string of pearl for support.


Multi layer design– A new trend which looks a little different with a multi string support at the side.

Small Diamond nose pin– For the ones who want a very delicate look and do not want to settle down for gold. The ones in diamond or zerkin are best for them. It comes only as a ring or can also be paired with a side pearl string.

Rajasthani Bolra design– It is a popular design among the Rajasthani brides, but the others can also give it a try for a traditional look.

Drop design– If you want something delicate and different then a drop design instead of a round one will work for you.

Simple nose pin with highlighted side string– A simple nose ring with design done on the side chain is something innovative.

Heavy ornate designs– For the ones who do not shy away from trying something so heavy and beautiful. The half ring design covers the half part of the circle but in an exaggerated manner.


Filled in designs– The nose rings filled with some pattern inside the ring is the hottest trend as they look heavy and much fuller.


Pahari Nath– One of the traditional nose pin designs from the state of Uttaranchal, this special nose pin is designed using real pearls, rubies and other colored stones.


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