Pahari Naath – The Auspicious Nose Ring

We must have seen these pictures earlier too, where ladies from a certain community wear big nose pins on festivals, marriages and other auspicious occasions. Ever wondered which part of India is this tradition so popular.

Well this tradition basically is prevalent in hilly regions of Garhwal and Kumaon, basically the whole of Uttaranchal and is called  “Pahari Nath”. Pahari means people from hills and Nath means Nose ring, so collectively it means nose ring of the people from hills. It is believed that your status can be assumed by the amount of gold and precious stones you put in your nose ring. The richer you are, the more amount of gold and precious stones your ring will have. Different stones like Rubies, pearls are used along with gold to give a colorful and graceful look to the ring. What we love is the craftsmanship of this piece, how beautifully and creatively it’s made, keeping in mind the minute detailing like the gold beads insert, color combinations of pearls and precious stones, and the amount of grace these women carry them with.







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