Different Nose Pin Styles

Maharatrian Nose ring– The traditional maharastrian nose pin with a bunch of white pearls and semi precious stones, is a perfect piece of tradition which mahastrian brides generally choose for their own weddings and other specific occasions.


Multilayer Nosepin– The latest trend mushrooming is multi string nose pin threads. You can choose between white pearls or golden beads like this. If you want a little dramatic look, then this is perfect for you.


Wire style nosepin– The Jodha akbar style nose pin is the simplest of all the nose pins, with a full circle with a small star shape which is generally done on kundan. If you want to keep it simple, then this style is for you.


Half embellished nose pin– This is a perfect balance of simple and designer piece as it is neither too crowded nor too simple.


Pahari Nath– Worn mostly in hilly areas of Uttaranchal, this is one of the most unique of all the designs. It is done on pure gold, and has rubies and pearls done with it. A string of pearls is also attached to the nose pin as they are little heavy because of all the precious stones and pearls attached to them.


Strings with pearl drops– If the nose pin is simple and delicate, then it can be fused with a designer strings with pearl drops like this. Good for pre-wedding functions where you would want to try something delicate.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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