9 Basic Nail Shapes To Choose From

Though nail art is quite common, but are you aware of the various nail shapes which you can choose for your regular nail art designs. Here are a few basic nail shapes to choose from….

Round– Round nails are very common and is one of the best shape for short nails.

Oval– If you have fairly good length nails, then undoubtedly this shape is the best to go for. It is something you can bank upon anytime. Though very similar to the round one, an oval shape is more curved at the edges.

Square nails– If you are tired and bored of seeing the same round and oval shapes, then go for a square one. This shape is commonly used in french manicures.

Almond nails– Almond nails are long nails with a curved pointed edge.

Stiletto– Almond and Stiletto nails are slightly different from each other. Stiletto nails are much narrow and more pointed at the edges than a regular almond shaped nails.

Lipstick– This shape is quite interesting as it resembles the shape of a lipstick and is sort of an abstract shape.

Pointed– Now pointed nails stands true to its name and has really pointed tips.

Ballerina– A flat tip at the edge justifies ballerina nails.

Flare– Flare shape is not so common in general, but you can go for them if you are looking for something different.

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