Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is one drink which is loaded with lot of heath benefits. It had anti oxidants and nutrients which have a positive effect on our body. It is also good for people who are addicted to tea and coffee. In their case, green tea can be really helpful for them. A cup full of green tea will be good for the health and will also help to initially and slowly cut down on the caffeine intake. Nowadays flavored green tea are also available and you can choose your best out of them. Here are few amazing health benefits of consuming green tea

    • It keeps the weight under control by burning the fat and boosting the metabolic rate.
    • It is a great antioxident
    • It helps in keeping a check on glucose level. Therefore, its also safe for a diabetic patient to consume.
    • Regulates the blood clotting and fluctuation in blood pressure.
    • It also reduces the risk of cancer, as it is loaded with antioxidants.
    • Unlike other drinks and tea, which have high caffeine level, green tea is an exception and therefore does not damages our teeth and oral health.
    • It is good for your skin and hair. A regular green tea drinker can make out the difference.
  • It is also good in stress.

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