Reuse Old Bulbs To Make Quirky DIY Home Décor Pieces

Have you ever thought what all you can do with the unused or old bulbs lying at home. If you thought that all they can do is to spread light then have a look at these ideas. Well a bulb can be used in so many ways for home décor purposes, and how creatively you use them is upto you. Here are a few inspirational ideas for you….

Glitter bulbs– If you want to add a blingy effect to your space then try using glitter all over the bulbs. For this apply glue all over the bulb and then sprinkle glitter all over. Let it dry and use them to create a hanging set like this.

Grow plants– Indoor plants like money plant and devil’s eye and many more can be grown in these small bulbs. Or sometimes you can also try using small flower cuttings to highlight the bulb setting.

Mini garden– You can go as creative with this one as you like. Add a few stones at the bottom and use air plants or moss to create a green space like this one.

Create a curtain– A curtain or a divider sort of a thing made entirely with colorful bulbs is the great way to add a peppy yet subtle décor piece to your space. You can choose colors in matte finish to make the entire setting look striking yet subtle.

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