Decorating Interiors With White Walls

White walls are the latest trend in interiors, but it gets difficult to visualize as how to do the interiors with them.

Well here are few ideas which you will love….

Photo frames– Decorate white walls with photo frames in different sizes, choose a wall which you want to highlight in living rooms, gallery area etc.

Black and white pictures look amazing on these walls, but you can also go in for the colored ones or a mix of both.

Choose golden frames if you want a contrast look and wooden frames if you like to keep it simple and elegant.


Grey Upholstery– Shades of grey make a great contrast with the plain white walls. You can choose either a single shade of grey, or work around different tones of the color.

It adds a great contrast to the interior’s without being too loud, as it’a a neutral shade. Try to choose upholstery in subtle fabrics like linen and jute and this will give a very rustic and modern touch to the entire house.


White ceiling– A white textured ceiling is also very much in trend, it goes very well with the white walls and adds a texture to the room.


Combine with stripes– Stripes add a very modern look to the interiors, whether bold or thin they never fail to impress. Combine them with checks and other printed or woven materials for a enhanced look. You can do so by using cushions and carpets in this texture.


Add colors– If you love pop up of colors, then do so by mixing up different shades in pastels. Highlight it further with one or two bold elements.

Black and white– For those who want to keep it simple, go the black and white way. A little bit of black in the form of a center table, or just cushions in different textures will create a nice balance between the two shades.


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