Tea Light Decor Ideas For Diwali

Tea light candles are easy to use and needless to say that they look great. You can use them in so many different ways, well use them as is, or pair them with different things to create an amazing light setting. So this Diwali when you want to keep things simple and speedy try using tea light candles to make your own light setting.

Washi tape– You can use ribbons or tapes to decorate tea lights. Washi tape is a great thing to use on tea light and you can use different patterns on them. Once done simply put them in small glass jars or pots and they will look great.

Sprinkles– Colorful sprinkles will do the trick too….just fill them up in transparent glasses and keep a tea light inside.

Rice decor– You can also fill rice inside some glass jars and bottles and use a light at the center. White background will look simply amazing with those candles.

Sand and shells– To give a more natural look add sand to the jar and place some shells all over. Place a candle at the center and your light setting is done.

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