Decorating Homes In South Indian Style

This time while on a trip to Kerala, we visited Kovalam, Thekaddy, Allepy, and Cochin and it was an awesome trip. The hotels we stayed in, truly showed the rich cultural heritage of the state and it was good to see the interiors and construction inspired and done in typical southern style, which we loved. Do check out Vasundra Sarovar Portico in Allepy, its an amazing property. Well, while travelling from one city to the other we got a chance to see the roadside temples, houses which were so beautifully constructed that we got inspired instantly, and every house had few things in common. I was so fascinated with these elements that I made it a point to take some inspiration from these ideas and use them for my home too. Here are few very simple and basic ideas which anyone can try….


Floral Entrance– Southern India is blessed with greenery and with variety of beautiful flowers. Since decorating homes and entrances with flowers is a practice there, you can too try this with some local flowers for your home. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.


Traditional Kolam or Rangoli– Kolam is a form of drawing that is traditionally drawn using rice flour or chalk powder in southern India. It is a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. Ladies draw them in front of their homes, as it is thought to bring prosperity to home. One can also use flowers and other rangoli colors available in the market to do them.


Uruli– It is a traditional cookware extensively used in South India. It is also pronounced as Urli and commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. it was generally used for cooking and for preparing medicines but with time it has turned into a decorative item in which water, flowers and candles are placed for decoration.


Use of brass items– Brass antiques form a essential part of decoration for South Indian homes. Place all your antiques in brass at a single table, you can also place some flowers for a colorful look. Idols of lord Ganesha, bells, lamps are more popular.


Hanging Bells– Most of us have seen this at the popular South Indian eating joint Sagar Ratna. Numerous bells can be used creatively at the corner or entrance of your home. Placing a Lord Ganesha idol below this will look more attractive.


Wooden Door and wooden wall panels– If you want to spend good amount of money, then these things look super vintage and traditional. You can make this door for your pooja room, and the wall panel can be well decorated with other items.


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