Designer Chairs For Home

A nice upholstery changes the way your home looks, and therefore you should be extra careful while choosing it.

Plan it according to the look you want for your home.

Here are few ideas…..

Plain ones You can choose neutral shades like black and white or a bright peppy color which becomes the highlight of the house like pinks, turquoise, corals etc.

Different textures like pinstripes and quilting can also be tried. A contrast printed or embroidered cushion is a good option to pair with these chairs.


Fuse different prints Choose Prints with different designs but which are in the same color family, this will create a nice illusion and will be eye catchy too. Remember to fuse a mix of a small print with another bold and big print, this creates a nice mix of prints, but avoid picking up two small or two bold prints together. It can go wrong at times.


Combine the plain and prints If you like to keep them simpler but also want to give them a personal touch then mix a plain fabric with a soft print in the same color or a something in the same color family. The back can be done in the print like in the picture, and the front can be in a plain color with a matching piping all over. Take cushions in the plain fabric for a soft look, or in the printed fabric for a contrast.


How about stripes Thick or thin stripes, choose your own version and they will surely look the best. Stripes add a contemporary look to the room, so add them if you want to add a nice contrast to a corner.


Embroidered or natural fabrics If you love bright and peppy colors, then give a kitschy look to the furniture. Choose traditional embroidered fabrics and mix them with contrast fabrics. You can also choose prints in linen or get a customized patchwork done for the furniture like in the second picture.



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