Lipsmacking Mooli Gajar Achaar

The soul falls in love with the parantha’s when combined with a spicy achaar or pickle. Yes we said soul because this combination not just fills the stomach, but it’s actually a soul food and many of you would agree with this. And off-course you can have it with anything you wish like roti, rice etc. Nowadays there is so much of fresh Mooli (radish) and Gajar (carrot) all around as they are still in the season. Though its hard to enjoy these seasonal vegetables all year round as in off season they don’t taste so great therfore here is a lip smacking recipe which will make you dig into them anytime. Just make a big batch sufficient for an year and enjoy them with your meals. Here is the recipe of Mooli Gajar Achaar…..

    • Wash and peel 500gm carrots and 500gm radish and cut them into long slices (batonnet).
    • Wash green chilies and remove the stems, slit from the center and make into 2 pieces.
    • Wash and cut thin slices of ginger too.
    • Depending upon the climate, keep these cut vegetables in the sun to dry for a day or two or untill they become a little dry.
    • Once all the veggies are prepared, dry roast the 4tbsp mustard , 1.5tbsp fenugreek and 3tbsp fennel seeds for few minutes on low heat and when they cool down completely grind them coarsely, do not make a fine powder.
    • Heat 1 cup mustard oil to a smoking point when it cools down slightly add 2tsp asafoetida and then let it cool down completely.
    • Take the vegetables in a big bowl and add the grinded spices along with salt and 2tbsp vinegar and mix well.
    • Now add the mustard oil in the pickle and mix everything well. Fill the pickle in a glass jar and shake the bottle everyday a little bit to prevent the spices and oil to settle at the bottom.
  • You can start consuming this pickle after 3 days.

Another way to prepare this pickle is shown in this video…..

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