Create Interesting DIY Letters Using These Ideas

One great idea for any party decor is the use of interesting DIY letters. And there are so many ways how you can create eye catchy pieces to make the party theme special. Here are a few ideas…

Cardboard as a base– One method is to first create a hollow cardboard letter which you can make by using old shoe boxes or any other leftover boxes. Paint it entirely in a matching base color so that the flowers and the base merge with each other. After the base is ready you can stick the thermocol stripes inside the letter, this will help the flowers to stick properly to the base and will help in achieving a 3-D effect.

Butterfly effect– This one motif brings a life to any space or thing. They make the entire thing feel so alive and you can use several butterfly cutouts to create a letter like below in the pic. And instead of using a single color shade go for shades and tints of the same color to give a better effect.

Half Half pattern– You can also go half half to create a pattern like this.

How to create floral letters
How to create floral letters

Use laces– If you have leftover laces lying at home then this is probably one idea where you can use them.

Glitter power– Glam the whole thing with the use of glitter, you can choose to use a single color glitter or can also create multicolored letters by using two or three different colors of glitter.

Woolen strings– Pick wool in different shades to create an effect like this where you can wrap the entire letters using wool threads.

Go real – You can also use real pictures on the letters if you wish to gift it to someone.

Ornate with buttons– Buttons in different shapes, sizes and color can also be used to highlight the letters.

Washi Tape– This multi purpose tape comes in various prints and colors, use different designs to create interesting patterns on the letters.

Image reference- Pinterest

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