#SareeTwitter – The Trend Which Has Made Everyone Share Their Pics Wearing A Saree

#SareeTwitter is a new trend which has become quite popular on the social media ever since it came in limelight. Many celebs, politicians and people from different backgrounds have contributed to this trend by sharing their pics in saree. And why not, after all it’s definitely the most sexiest thing to ever wear. Here are a few posts from the saree movement….

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja shared a before and after pic which definitely is super cute….

Actress Yami Gautam tweeted her picture and wrote: “I completely agree with this trend, nothing can match the elegance and beauty of a Saree ! So sharing my most special saree moment #SareeTwitter”.

Journalist Barkha Dutt posted: “Sometimes I also do #SareeTwitter”

Actress Meera Chopra said: “#SareeTwitter the only fashion trend which will never fade or die. The Evergreen #saree.”

One tweet which you cannot miss on comes from the actor Ayushman Khurrana who shared a hilarious tweet: “#Dreamgirl later this year. Sigh. #SareeTwitter”

German actress in India, Suzanne Bernert also shared an image of her saying: “I have countless Saree pics I just realised..so #SareeTwitter can go on …”

Author Nandita Iyer shared a compilation of her saree images stating “Can’t let #sareetwitter pass without sharing my favs”

Priyanka Gandhi, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress shared an old pic of her’s from her wedding day album “Morning puja on the day of my wedding (22 years ago!)”.

Politician-actress Nagma Morarji wrote: “Saree dipicts our Indian tradition and culture. It is also supposed to be known as our sexiest costume. One looks dignified , elegant, beautiful , graceful and yet can seem very appealing in it #SareeTwitter”

A Twitter user went down memory lane and shared an old video, to which everyone seems to agree that it has ‘won’ the viral trend. The black-and-white video, from 1975 Test series between India and West Indies, shows a woman running onto the pitch in the middle of the game. She runs right up to cricketer Brijesh Patel and plants a kiss on his cheek! The incident occurred right after the then-23-year-old cricketer had scored a half century.

Image reference- Pinterest

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