5 Ways To Create Vintage Packing With Old Newspapers And Magazine papers

Packing styles can be quite tricky, and many a times they are time and labor consuming. But more than how to pack, its with what to pack which questions you. And then there are times when you don’t have anything readily available, so in that case recycle and use something which you already have at home. Yes the newspapers and magazine papers…..everyone has them in bundles at home and this is how you can create pretty vintage packing out of it…..

Use Striped cutouts– Simply pack the stuff like you normally do with the other papers, and prepare a large flower setting to place on the top of the packed material. Its so simple and looks super cool.

Roses give a finishing touch– Or you can also prepare a set of roses and leaf out of newspaper cuttings and place them together like this on the top. Use of a ribbon in subtle and dead shades will add a touch of finesse to the packing.

Use colors– You can also use water colors to slightly color the newspaper to give a vintage feel but remember not to use too much water while coloring otherwise it will destroy the newspaper and it wont be fit to use anymore. Also remember to dry out the packaging paper thoroughly before use. You can also use glitter and stones to highlight the setting on the top.

Use brown covers– Mix and match using a combination of brown paper and newspaper cuttings. If you are looking for something which looks super vintage then this is a good pick. Use a real leaf to highlight the setting. And do not worry about the seal as you can create it with melted crayon and coin.

Paper bags– If you have assorted pieces and wish to gift them as a goodie bag, then this recycled paper bag would be great to put all your things at one place.


Image reference- Pinterest

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