4 Interesting Ways To Pack A Saree

Saree packing can be quite tricky as it is done in so many ways. You can go as creative as you want doing it, and can also explore various arts and craft materials like ribbons, basket, fancy flowers etc. to use on your packaging ideas. Here are a few ideas….

Saree bag– Saree packing bags are easily available online and in market. They come in different designs where some are plain, while the others are too fancy. Choose what you want and if you think that the fancy ones are expensive for you then buy the plain ones and use your creativity to decorate them further and under your budget.

Use a fancy tray– Tray’s come in different shapes like there are those round ones and the rectangle and square ones, choose the one which you like and fold and keep the saree on it. Secure the saree with a poly sheet on the top and secure the loose ends with cello tape. You can also use fancy flowers and ribbons to give a finishing touch at the end.

To accessorize a bit you can also add a bangle set and a pack of matching bindi with the packing.

Double tray style– Take two tray’s, one will be the base and the other one you have to stick firmly over the base one. Wait for the glue to completely dry out before starting the packaging. Once done, fold and drape the saree on the upper tray in a way that the borders of the saree is visible at the front. You will have to use a lot of all pins to secure the piece of clothing. Decorate with strands of fancy flowers. You can also choose a round tray for the base instead of the rectangle and square ones.

Doll at the center– A giant size doll can also be used if you want to drape the saree properly in the packaging. Afterwards place the doll in a decorative tray.

Image reference- Pinterest

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