Flush Fat With These Drinks

All of want to look fit and healthy, but the busy lifestyles which all of have, it becomes difficult to pay attention to everything we do. But this one health tip will really make a lot of difference in a natural, tasty and healthy way and that too with a little effort. But the efforts are way less if we compare it to the results. We all know that its important to drink plenty of water daily, as it cleanses out system and gets us rid of toxins and unwanted fat. But why not make it more healthy by adding different flavors in a form of herbs and fruits, these herbs will help out to cut fat from the body and keep you hydrated with more nutrition. Try them and these small efforts will really make a big difference.

Lemon and Mint– Slice lemon and chop mint leaves coarsely with fingers. Combine these ingredients in a jar and fill it up with water. Keep up for sometime and use this refreshing drink to flush out fat.


Orange and Mint– Add orange slices and chopped mint leaves to the water. Let it sit for atleast 2 hours for best results. Remember not to chop the leaves finely as you do not want to chew them while drinking water. If you do not want to chop them just put the leaves as is.


Cucumber, Orange and Mint– Cucumber is a natural hydrating element and oranges are natural source of vitamin-C and anti oxidants.


Strawberry, Orange and Mint– Combine fruits and mint to the water to make a fruit infused water. This wonder water will keep you hydrated and also help you cut out on fat as it has citrus flavors.



Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon and Mint– Mix all the ingredients in a flax and let it rest overnight, consume it the other day. All the flavors will get infused in the water and help you cut the fat in a tasty and healthy way.

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