Reducing StretchMarks Naturally

Stretch Marks are a natural beauty problem for the people who are fat or ladies who have just delivered, i.e. post pregnancy etc. Getting rid of them is a big task, as they are easily visible and look odd. But there are few natural remedies which can help you reduce them. Have a look….

Potato Juice– Known for its skin lightening effect, it is mostly use to achieve an even skin tone. You can either take out its juice by grating it, or just cut a slice and rub it over the skin.

Aloe Vera– Rub the juice of aloe directly to the affected area and leave until absorbed and dry completely.

Castor Oil– It works wonders in skin related problems. Massage with it on stretch marks till the oil absorbed and cover it with a cloth, apply heat to this area by a heating pad or with a traditional hot water bottle.

Lemon Cucumber Juice– The mixture of both the juices also helps in lightening stretch marks. Since lemon is a natural acid, it helps in lightening the marks. Cucumber being a good moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated against the hard use of lemon.

Sugar– It is a good element to remove dead skin and acts as a scrub. But since it cannot be used alone, it is generally used with lemon for best results. Also add few drops of almond oil for best results.

Egg White– The presence of amino acids and protein helps in skin lightening, skin repairing and skin growth. Apply the white part to the stretch marks and keep until it dries out.

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