Multiple side twists– Same as the above but it is done in multiple strands. Though we can see just three of them you can do less or even more as you like. It is an idle hairstyle for a party look.

Pulled back style– You can slightly back comb your hair for added puffiness, though its not recommended but trying it sometimes is fine. You can either take the entire front hair and pull it backwards at one go, or try the second version with the upper crown hair done neatly into a ponytail at the back. Its a good style if you want your hair to fall at the front slightly.

Braided Hairband– And this one is so chic and classy. Basically braiding is done from one side and ends on the other side. It looks like a perfect hairband to keep the hair intact.

The criss cross style-Simple twisted hair is set in a criss cross pattern on both the sides, leaving rest of the hair loose. You can also try using hair glitter to highlight the braids or place beaded pins on them. A great pick for the ethnic look.

Hun Bun– A simple half bun popularly known as a hun bun is a great idea to try for several occasions when you have to rush somewhere. Furthermore it looks stylish too.


Image Reference: Pinterest