5 Ways To Present Holi Colors In Style

Holi is a festival of happiness which is enjoyed by people of all age groups. But apart from decoration, food etc. there is one more thing which needs your attention. And it is presenting or decorating your holi colors in style. The guests coming to your place will love this presentation for sure. Here are a few ways….

Use a diya stand– Diya stand can be used to keep colors. You can also place a god or goddess idol at the center and sprinkle a few flower petals all around.

Use a earthenware plate-What can be much better than using an earthenware plate for a traditional festival like this. Take a plate and place a Ganesh idol and diya at one corner. Then keep small bowls filled with colors all around the plate.You can also use flower petals to fill the empty space in the plate.

Chai glasses– This chai glass set is easily available online or at most of the leading stores in India. Many of you, who are tea lovers must be already having this set which comes along with a stand to hold the glasses. Well holi gives you an excuse to take out this set and use this to keep colors for the guests arriving at your place.

The easiest way– And when you do not have much time to arrange all the things, you can simply place all the colors in a plate and segregate them by keeping a flower in between of the each color. To decorate the thali further, use a contrast color whole flower at the center.

Add a divine touch– Use a lighted diya with the colors in the plate, and do use mogra flower strings around the plate for natural fragrance.

Image reference- Pinterest

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