5 Natural Sweeteners Which Are A Healthy Substitute For White Sugar

Habit of cutting down on your sugar intake is the best thing which you can gift to your body. Sugar is the main culprit when it comes to problems like diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and many more. But you can definitely replace the white sugar with a lot more healthier options like these…

Honey– We all know the benefits of honey and how it helps your body and skin. It is also a natural sweetener which can be used in drinks like tea, smoothies, lassi etc. But do keep the quantity in moderation as honey has a warm tendency and is best consumed in winters. Also people suffering from diabetes cannot consume honey.

Stevia– Stevia is actually a plant and its leaves are used as sweetener. But unfortunately many stevia sweeteners available in the market are processed. So buy only good quality stevia products. The best would be growing your own plant at home. A study reported that dried stevia
leaf powder significantly lowered blood sugar levels in people with diabetes both while fasting and after eating. Therefore stevia is safe for diabetic people.

Coconut sugar– It’s a natural sugar made from coconut palm sap, which is the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant.

Date syrup– Date syrup is very sweet but the sweetness depends on the kind of dates you use. But do not consume date syrup with milk products as calcium and iron don’t go well together. Also you can easily make date syrup at home. Simply wash a few dates and soak them in warm water for one or two hours. Now using hands crush everything together and take the seeds out. Churn this mixture in blender to make a paste. Once done cook for 5-10 minutes for it to thicken a bit. You can use it with pancakes, breads and it can also be enjoyed with parantha’s.

Jaggery or Gur– This famous natural sweetener is enjoyed by most of us during winters, and is rich in iron and has a hot tendency. In winters you can substitute white sugar with gur. Just make sure you buy pure jaggery and not the one with added white sugar.

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