Talcum Powder hacks

Have you ever thought how useful your everyday talcum powder can be for solving down so many life hacks.

Well here are some of the tricks…..


– There are times when you have a bad hair day, well a nice talcum powder can be a life saver in that case. Just sprinkle some powder onto your hair brush and comb your hair nicely, it will absorb all the oil particles, giving your hair a nice bounce and life.

It will also add a nice fragrance to your hair. You can also dab some in the roots if you have excessive oily hair but do not forget to wash your hair day after.

– It can be used as a makeup setter, especially when you want a matte effect makeup look. Powder absorbs all the sweat and oil and therefore gives a clean matte look to the makeup.

– Most of the synthetic clothes like dresses and kurta’s tend to stick to your thighs because of the friction produced and they look so weird that you finally have to dump that piece because of this. Well next time try dabbing some talcum powder to your legs and thighs, and the problem will be solved.

– It also acts as a good base for eye makeup. Most of the times the liner or the kajal sticks to the upper part of the eye, making the nicely defined lines look horrible due to sweat and oil. But this can be prevented by just dabbing a powder coat will will absorb the oil and also prevent sweating. You can also dab some onto the eyelashes to make them look thicker before applying a mascara.

– Whenever you are out for a beach vacation, the biggest problem is sand that sticks to the body. Use talcum powder to remove it, the powder will absorb the oil and sweat of the skin and the sand will go off after some time.

– You can also use it as a deodorant which will give a nice fragrance to the body and will also minimize sweating.

– If you are afraid of trying your new pair of shoes due to blisters, then hold on you have a solution here. Dab some powder to the shoe and rub it all over inside, take out the excess and rub some to your feet as well. This will cut down the friction and you will be all ready to use your new pair.

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