Love For The Stripes- Style Up In Stripes This Summer

Stripes is a classic fashion of all times. Designers from all over the world have explored it in their collections. The famous Coco Channel Nautical collection is a perfect example of the same. Previously stripes were worn basically as a uniform, but the adaptation of this idea by several designer of repute turned it into a big fashion revolution. Here are few tips to flaunt this fashion with style and grace….

Vertical Striped Top– Basic blue pair of denims and white striped top never go wrong together. Wear it for a simple yet stylish look. Choose vertical stripes if you want to look tall.


Vertical Striped Shirt– Best for a office look. They look great in light colors for summers. Wear vertical stripes if you want to look slim and tall.


Bold Stripes– Want to go bold with stripes, then try this version of stripes. Remember not to mix it up with any other bold detailing in your garment.


Striped Dress– Want to roam like a stylish and sophisticated fashionista, then a striped dress will solve the purpose. It never looks over the top unlike other dresses.


Combine Stripes with Bright shade– Try mixing cool color family with neon or other bright colors from other color families. It will be a perfect mix of colors for a completely different look.


Thick & Thin Stripes– So stripes can be combined together in the form of thick and thin stripes too. A dress in this combination here looks stylish.


Combining stripes– Play with different stripes in a single dress. Choose for a Vertical stripe shirt and Zig zag stripe skirt. You can also choose between other stripes. Go for a single color or mix and match with cool and hot colors like in the picture below.


Combining Prints and stripes– Combine prints and stripes together for a good dose of print in your look. They gel very well with each other, but take care of colors of both the pieces.


Multicolor stripes– Different colors can be combined together in stripes for a playful and colorful texture.

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