8 Must Have Things For A Perfect Winter Wardrobe

Winters are about dressing up stylishly as you have so many options in clothing and accessories.

You can layer down as much as you need and mix and match to the fullest with your favorite items.

Here is a checklist of the things which you need to have in your wardrobe for the winters….

Shoulder Blazers– A must have piece for winters, you can pick them up in any shade which suits you like from dark navy blues to a bright orange or a pink for a change. A well constructed blazer adds a style to your wardrobe, though it gives a formal look but you can always pair it up with denims and other casual clothing for a more relaxed and casual look.

Wide legged pants– A must have silhouette for this winter, you can have them in winter fabrics like tweed, flannel etc for a cosy and comfortable look. This silhouette looks super stylish and reminds us of the 80’s style. It can be well coordinated with other winter clothing like a pullover and a trenchcoat or any other normal coat.

Skin Fit bottom– In contrast to the above a basic skin fit bottom is something to swear by. It will never leave you in confusion as what to wear and can be easily paired with sneakers, boots, pullover, trenchcoat and what not.

Scarf– A nice woolen scarf in neutral hues is a perfect winter accessory. Yo can pick up in a solid plain color or one with checks or stripes. They make a super stylish statement when wraped around like this.

Trenchcoat-A perfect winter stuff to beat the cold, you can also wear it with your formals.

Sneakers– And since its winters your feet also need some rest from high heels, so get them covered with something comfortable and cozy like a pair of sneakers. You can go in for all white which is also currently in fashion, or pick up any bright color to make a bold statement.

Boots– life saver footwear for a trendy and stylish winter look. Invest in basic colors like black, brown, tan and you will be able to pair them up with most of the things in your wardrobe.

Cap– A bobble or a beanie cap, infact any warm woolen cap to cover and protect you is a perfect winter accessory to add in your wardrobe.

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