These Special Gestures Will Make Your Valentine’s Day More Special

Its valentine’s week and love is in the air. Well if you have still not decided how to surprise your loved one on this valentine’s day, then we have few ideas for you. And no we are not talking about the gifts, but something better than the gifts. We are talking about those sweet and simple gestures which count more than the materialistic things… them and stay inspired.

Door decor– The door of your bedroom can have these magical words hung to it like this. You can also replace it with something else which holds a special meaning to both of you. And since its valentine’s day, don’t forget to use the hearts in different sizes.

Create memories– Well you can also recreate old memories by picking up your favorite clicks which will be hard to do since there will be many. Thereafter, make a folded rectangular card with any craft paper and stick the pictures to them. Tie red balloons with romantic quotes like this to the cards by punching the card on one side. It’s a great concept if you want to decorate a special corner at home for this day, and if you are thinking of gifting something then you can keep it with this amalgamation instead of keeping it as is.

Mirror work– How about surprising your man or women early morning with this super cute gesture on the mirror. This will surely make their day, you just have to do a little bit of preparations a night before to give this as an early morning surprise.

And if you are not so convinced of your crafty skills then take help of the post-it sticky notes. Pour your heart out by writing the best things about your partner and then simply stick them like this in a heart shape.

Serve a meal like this– If your partner loves having his bed tea then this idea is for you. Serve him a meal like this or enjoy your evening drinks with a decorated tray like this.

Room decor– Who wants to go out to those swanky restaurants when you can bring the whole feel of this special day to your home. Few roses, candles and balloons is all you need to do this.

Image reference- Pinterest

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