Valentine Gifts For The Ones Who Love Food

Valentine day is around the corner and we all want to plan something special in advance.

Receiving a gift from your loved one on this day means a lot, and therefore we have listed few special gifting ideas but only for the ones who cherish a cup of tea or a plate full of kebabs, basically the ones who love food.

The recipe book– For the one who wants to experiment with different cuisines, this is it.

Its great to know about different recipes from all around India and the world, and to be able to cook them for your loved ones gives a great satisfaction.

Kerala spices– Kerala is known for its rich spices and your love will instantly fall in love seeing this spice box, and why not after all a good masala box is the key to making good food.

Taste comes from the masala’s put in the dish, and therefore the rich flavours and the pleasant aroma of these spices will make sure to satisfy the taste buds of everyone.

Organic seeds– One who loves to cook knows the importance of serving fresh and organic meal to the family, and this hamper solves the purpose. You can create a small hamper of organic food and mix few packets of organic seeds with it. Believe us nothing gives more satisfaction than growing your own food. A small kitchen or the balcony herb garden would be a great idea to start the year with.

Tea basket- Everyone loves starting their day with a cup of hot tea and what is better than tasting a new flavor everyday. This gift hamper will maker their mornings a little more special.


Image reference:  Pinterest

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