Sony Proposes Portable Mini AC Which You Can Actually Wear

Ever thought how it would be to carry a personal AC in your pocket every time you step out in sun and heat. Well the cool breeze must have hit you by now and there definitely would be a big smile on your face, though a short lived one as this thought seems impossible to be true. Well not now, since Sony will be launching a new kind of portable air conditioner that you can wear with your clothes.

The product which is named Reon Pocket, releases cool air through a small rear panel and is smaller and lighter than a mobile phone. Weighing just 85 grams, one can wear this device using a special undershirt. The best thing is that it works with battery and the temperature can be adjusted with a dedicated app which works on smartphone via bluetooth connection. The rechargeable battery of this device can last for 90 minutes after two hours of charging. It will be able to cool a user’s body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius in summers and the device can also help during cold days by warming up the body by 8 degrees Celsius.

The Reon Pocket project of Sony is a crowdfunded project. So far, the project has received 28,236,670 yen and the target amount is 66,000,000. The product which costs 14,080 yen (Rs 8,992.61) is inclusive of the price of the undershirt and is available only in Japan. This Men’s only product comes in ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ sizes. The wearable AC is not waterproof, but any dirt, sweat, water droplets that stick can be wiped off with a hygroscopic soft cloth. Sony will start shipping the product by March 2020 if it manages to get the entire cost from crowdfunding.

Sony’s wearable mini air conditioner

Image reference- Pinterest

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