Are You Karwachauth Ready! Watch Out For These Reminders

Kawachauth is just around the corner we are sure that you must be super super busy in preparations. From sargi to clothes and gifts, well everything has to be planned well in advance. And this article is just to remind you of everything which you might miss on otherwise. Have a look and thank us later!

Finalize the dress– Most important thing to do right now is to finalize what you are going to wear on Karwachauth. Whether its saree, lehnga or a suit you need to figure this out now, as it will get too late if not now. If you have to get something altered or stitched or pressed do it right now! Also if you are attending different parties on this day or even if you are at home then do plan on which set of clothes you need to change all day long.

Watch out for jewelry– Plan which kind of jewelry you wish to wear on this day. If you want to wear something matching to your dress then buy it in advance. You can also switch from something light during the daytime to a heavy jewelry at night.

Choose Mehndi style– This one is super special! Choose what kind of pattern and which design you want to go for this year. Make it special by adding the name of your husband in the design and your partner will simply love this idea.

Prep yourself– This is the best time to hit the parlor. All the facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa will take a lot of time and therefore you should plan it well in advance. Doing it beforehand also makes sure that you get the right glow a day after. If going parlor is not your kind then use homemade facials to get the natural glow.

Watch out for your diet– Its important to eat a healthy balanced diet a day before to avoid any unpleasant surprises the next day. Infact this is something you should start doing few days before karwachauth. Keep yourself well hydrated so that you can survive happily the next day.

Prepare for the main day in advance– Starting from what to eat in the morning to how you want to spend the day, plan everything in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments. Your early morning meal incase if you take one, is very very important and should be well thought of in advance to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Also plan who is going to prepare the dinner or what you want to prepare for dinner. You can also plan to have a romantic dinner date with your husband at your favorite restaurant. In this case make the reservations well in advance as chances are that you won’t get a vacant table that day.

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