Interesting Theme Ideas For New Year Party Bash

New year is around the corner and most of you would have already planned as how to celebrate the day with your loved ones. Partying offcourse is what most of us do to welcome the new year, but what makes the celebration more unique is to host a theme party. Theme parties are real fun as it gives you an opportunity to party in an organized manner, where the food and decor can be matched up to the theme of the party. These parties are super entertaining for the guests too as they can customize their garments and look to match up to the theme of the night. Here are some super fun themes to try if you are hosting a new year bash at home or anywhere out…..

Bollywood– The most exciting and simplest of all the themes is the Bollywood theme party. You can pick any interesting character from the Bollywood films and dress up like her or him. The decor can have posters from the movies and the drinks and menu can be named after the films or the actors.

Retro & Disco– The retro is an all time favorite look for any theme party. We all love dancing to the 80’s music which remind us of the iconic actors like Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi. Make the decor all glitter and bling and give a disco feel to the home.

Glow in the dark– This would be a super cool idea to do for your house party. All you need is some glow in the dark sticks, mugs, wristbands, eye wear, balloons, hats and even plain glow in the dark T-shirts. All this is easily available online and what you need the next is a dark room where you can play music and everyone can dance to the tunes.

Bonfire party– Nothing like enjoying winter chills with the warmth of bonfire….Well this would be a perfect party idea for chilly nights which most of us are experiencing nowadays. You can play to the old Bollywood music to accompany your drinks, and a barbeque on the side would be a perfect company as you will be able to cook your food right away in front of you.


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