Engagement Rings For The New Age Brides

Choosing an engagement ring is as difficult as taking the decision to get married. Seriously it is, the moment you enter a jewelry store you are lost.

And this task becomes even more difficult if you don’t want a typical engagement ring with those traditional designs.

But doing a little bit of homework on the styles you want for your bride or for yourself saves a lot of time and energy.

So here are four ring styles which every bride can look upto…..

Shaped Double band rings– Double band rings have been in trend from quite some time and they look simply amazing. But this ring is a little different from the regular ones as unlike the simple round ones the lower piece of the ring takes the shape of the upper design which looks in continuation to the main ring and also fits perfectly below the main ring.

Morganite stone– Engagement rings with this clear peach pink stone are believed to be really special as Morganite is considered a Crystal of Divine Love. It brings healing, compassion, assurance and promise and cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and en-kindles lightness within the spirit. Generally set in rose gold this would be a perfect engagement ring which will be something more than just a regular diamond stuff.

Colored Gemstones– When you have so many different colors to choose from then why to settle down for a colorless piece of diamond. Choose from Blue and Pink Sapphires, Ruby Red, Emerald Green and your partner will simply love them.

Pear shaped– Ditch the traditional shapes for this interesting pear shaped rings done in a pendent style. They are a good pick for the brides who do not want to go the traditional way.

Image Reference: Pinterest

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