Chandan Bindi – The Bengali Bride

Everyone wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. For this, one has different options available like one can choose from different hair accessories, jewelry, apparels, footwear and most importantly make up. Find a trained and certified makeup artist in Kolkata to rock that Chandan bindi. Nowadays the modern age bride is experimenting with different ideas for her look, but there are few traditional things which hasn’t changed and will not change for ages to come.

Similarly, the traditional Chandan designs painted to the bride’s forehead is surely a tradition which is ages old and still going strong. It is considered as auspicious for the bride. One can choose from different designs ranging from thick, bold and elongated upto chin, or a delicate and smaller version which ends below the eyebrow. It is traditionally painted around big, bold maroon or red Bindi, considering it as a base for all the other designs to follow. It is generally created with a help of a fine brush. The colors used are Natural Yellow of the Chandan itself and Red, Sometimes its White & Red. Here are few examples….

2 thoughts on “Chandan Bindi – The Bengali Bride

  1. The caption for the 4th picture is incorrect.
    The model in that picture is not a “Bengali” as the caption says, but a white European woman who has no South Asian ancestry. Caucasian women don’t wear bindi and tikka on their wedding day, so the 4th picture is completely inaccurate as well.

    1. Dear Priya,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. The articles just simply wants to give design options of the chandan bindi styles for the Bengali brides, and also for the other brides if anyone wants to try it. It nowhere has any relation to white or brown or in that case to a black women. The pictures are put irrespective of the caste, color and race with offering just the bindi design options and nothing else.

      Team WeRIndia.

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