Childhood Memories- How Our Favorite Actors Looked As A Child

All of us have some or the other favorite actor in Bollywood. Ever wondered how they looked as a child…Have a look. Here are few pictures of the celebs who looked dashingly smart and cute even as small wonders.

KAREENA AND KARISHMA KAPOOR- The kapoor sisters definitely looked super cute with the defined features and glowing royal skin texture which is in their blood.

SRI DEVI-THE GODDESS The gorgeous actress of all times, she has a mesmerizing beauty.

SHAHID KAPOOR- THE ENERGETIC The naughty energetic dancer and actor had killer looks even then too.

AAMIR KHAN- THE PERFECTIONIST The Mr. Perfectionist who started acting at early age, looked cute as a child too.

KATRINA KAIF- THE DREAM GIRL- A girl who left home at the age of 16, to pursue her dream to act in bollywood, looked so sweet and chirpy. 

PRIYANKA CHOPRA- FEARLESS GIRLIE- The girl who has made India proud on so many platforms is a true success and inspirational figure for most of us.

SHAHRUKH KHAN- THE HERO- The king khan of Bollywood was extremely charming in childhood too.

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