The Ripped way to Denim

Denim is everybody’s fabric. Be it a student or a working professional, a designer or a corporate, whether you want to dress for a party or a professional meeting. It just goes with everyone and is perfect for every occasion, provided that you team it up in a correct way with the right ensembles, according to the occasion.

A new trend which we can find everywhere, i.e. from ramp to our celebrities is the Denim with a ripped effect. The amount of ripples created on the fabric depends on everyone’s comfort level.

First of all, decide on the denim style you want to choose for. You can choose from Straight fit, Boot cut Fit, Bell Bottoms, Boyfriend Fit, Straight Fit, Skinny Fit etc. Then decide how much ripped you want your denim to be. You can either choose for different brands, or create your own torn out effect on any old denim of yours.
Choose the right effect and go the designer way for your next meeting or for a party.

Ripped Skinny Fit Denim, ripped effect on knee and asymmetric torn out effect

The classic minimalistic ripped style

Turn up denims with ripped effect

Boyfriend Fit with ripped effect

The Bell Bottom Style with Ripped effect

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