Fringed Saree Trend

Fringe or a Tassel is an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material. They look extra gorgeous and sexy and lifts the spirit of the simplest of dressing.

But generally this trend is assumed to have been associated with western dressing whereas with the new fusion wear trends we have seen designers experimenting it with the Indian dressing like sarees too.

Recently we saw the gorgeous Rekha ji in designer Monisha Jaisingh White tasseled saree which definitely has given a new meaning to the the conventional sarees.

Here are few fringed and tasseled sarees which we love….

– Fringes done on the bottom part and extended upto palla is one style for incorporating fringes to any saree. Width and size of the fringes depends upon the design of the attire, it can be a thin delicate fringe like the one black saree has, or it can be a little broader resembling the nude color saree at the bottom.

– We saw this trend in full swing in the designer Masaba Gupta’s new collection which was all done with beautiful tassels and with interesting tassel placements. Small tassels were nicely placed all over in a row, on the palla area making the palla look more vibrant. In some designs the palla was pre pleated and covered with tassels in different colors.

– Asymmetrical cuts can also be followed for this trend. Sarees in single color and pure fabrics look so pretty that they take us back to the Sridevi era of Bollywood. But if you want to make plain sarees look more gorgeous then add a big tasseled fringe to the hemline or end of the palla. An asymmetric cut for the palla would make it look more interesting.

– Go a bit forward and dress up in this sexy draped saree look with an all over fringed palla.

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