Re-purpose Old Suitcase

Over the period of time everything eventually becomes old and the desire to use it almost fades. But this does not mean that we should throw them away.

Old things can always be re-purposed and recycled to give them a new look. In this age where we talk about producing less waste and using the existing products to maximum, is very important that we make the most of the things which we already have.

Also recycling is a creative project which definitely gives your ideas and imagination – a creative lead.

Here are few ideas as how to convert your old suitcases into beautiful pieces of furniture.

– Turn the suitcase into a console table by fixing a piece of glass on the top. You can also paint it if you want a vintage painted look for the console table.

– How about converting the old suitcase into a sofa seat. Decide your theme and accordingly you can decide on the color of the base and upholstery for the chair. A printed upholstery for a quirky urban look or a sophisticated pastels, the choice is yours.

– Turn it into a make-up or a stationary box. Nothing like finding all your personal items at one place and that too well organised. If you always find yourself trying to figure out how to keep all the make up items or toiletries at one place, then try this idea. Though you will have to make little compartments, but its easy, you an use ready-made boxes to make divisions or create one of your own. A Stationary bag can also be created in the same way.

– Small cabinets especially for the kids room can be created like this. Place a mirror at the front, or just place a nice cartoon or a floral print for bright colors. Create division inside, and let the kids decide what they want to keep inside.

Image reference: Pinterest

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