Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey not only for a mother, but for the entire family and especially if its your first child, it becomes a lot more special because its the first time that the family experiences all the changes.

It is an exciting journey where you plan so many things in advance for the baby to arrive.

But in between do not forget to get some wonderful pictures clicked to keep a memory for your little one in the womb. These pictures are for a lifetime and will remind you of all the great times you had with your little one.

We help you with few inspirations which can be tried…..

Mom and the baby A beautiful picture capturing the beautiful journey and the bond which a mother and the baby share. Pick the most gorgeous dress for yourself and leave the hair loose for this picture.


Baby’s first Footwear How about including the tinniest pair in the picture, after all the first things will always be so special for you, whether it’s a footwear or a dress or anything else. You can choose a blue for a boy and a pink for a girl if you already know about the gender of the fetus.


Straight from the heart You have a piece of your heart growing in the belly and therefore these pictures seems perfect for the occasion. If you already have a child then he or she too can give a helping hand in the picture.


Ultrasound Pictures This one is super cute….. include the ultrasound picture of the fetus with the footwear, photo frames and balloons. Remember the first time you saw a life growing inside you, well preserve the moment for a lifetime.


A cute introduction A sweet way to introduce our little munchkin to the world.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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