7 Ways To Use Old Bangles For Home Decor

So once you go through this article you would surely know what to do with those leftover pieces of bangles which you have gathered since years and are of no use now. Here are a few home decor tricks to try using them….

Tea light or candle holder– For a quick and easy decor idea you can convert your colorful bangles to a candle holder like this. Simply place a few bangles around a candle, and it will give the much needed kick to your simple plain candles.

Use them to decorate old glasses– Use old glasses as candle holders for a complete different feel. You can make these holders by sticking colorful broken bangles all over the glass. Make sure you use glass bangles and not the bangles made from some other material, as it won’t produce the same result which a glass bangle does.

Hanging decor pieces– Have a function at home or want to simply decorate a tree in the garden, well you can take an inspiration from this pic for the same.

Repurpose old lamp shade– Give your old lampshade a new makeover by using broken bangle pieces all around it.

Coaster set– This one is super easy to make at home. Just take a hard cardborad piece and stick the bangle pieces all around. And you can pick any shape you want for your coasters. You can also revamp the existing old coasters like this which will give them a complete makeover.

Shine on Mirror– You can definitely make your old stuff look like vintage with this bangle trick. Old mirrors, photoframes, doors etc can be done in a sme way. We suggest you to create a set for example a photoframe, coaster and tablelamp like this to make it look more genuine.

Decor piece– Any vase made of glass can be clubbed with bangles like this for an instant riot of colors. Place it on the table top or on console and it will surely take all the limelight.

Image reference- Pinterest

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