Stylish Boots In Your Winter Wardrobe

We need a winter boot that’s going to offer double-duty. One that’s both warm and stylish, functional and fashionable. Long boots are modest yet sexy, and can be a wardrobe statement piece. Slender, snug boots make your legs look especially long, and when paired with skinny bottoms and a loose top, the elongating power of the boot is only amplified. Whether you go for a conservative English riding style boot, sexy bright red clubbing boots, or cowboy boots, these are a great addition to a woman’s wardrobe.

Show off your thigh-high boots. These boots will be a focal point of an outfit, because they are dramatically tall. They will bring attention to your sexy lady legs.

Tall boots are most dramatic paired with a short skirt or with slim-fit pants. You can use them in other ways, such as under a long skirt, but the effect is not as dramatic.

If you want to tone down the sexiness of the boots a little simply overlap the skirt of your dress with your boots about one or two inch. Be sure to stick with plainer colors and embellishments. A sophisticated pair of tall, tan leather boots is less in-your-face sexual than a bright red, shiny pair of night clubbing boots.

Pair your boots with a miniskirt or short dress. You can either pick a more subdued mini-skirt, in brown or black or grey, or you can go all out with a neon blaze of color. You can successfully give the illusion of showing a lot of leg without being scantily clad.

Be careful of how strong your overall impression is giving. A very short skirt with tall boots may not be appropriate for a professional office, even if you are not actually showing anything inappropriate.

Try out some high stiletto heels with your knee-highs. They are basically guaranteed to draw the eye, especially if you pair them with a little dress, or skirt. Metallic studs, chains, cut-outs in the material of the boot are all interesting additions to a pair of boots.

Cuff your jeans up a roll or two to show off a killer pair of ankle boots. These boots have always been the most popular considering they look great with every body type and can be worn with pants, skirts, or dresses. However, these boots cut your leg off at the ankle, so for short thin girls, make sure to include a good size heel and pair them with skinny jeans/leggings of the same boot color to create a longer line. When pairing your ankle boots with your skirts/dresses, careful to not shorten your legs. Make sure the boot fits closely at the ankle and your skirt/dress ends above the knee.

Calf-length boots come with a warning label, so proceed with caution. This style tends to cut your leg off at the calf and some wider shafts styles can visually widen the size of your legs. Therefore, they tend to work best for those with slimmer calves.

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