Boot Style For Winters

Winters are around the corner, and for the boot lovers it’s the time to take out their favorite pair of boots and flaunt them. And why not, they look sexy, smart and stylish after all. Every women should have a pair of basic boots in their wardrobe, it could be in any neutral shade like black, brown, beige etc. You can go for a high rise boots like mid calf length or the low rise like the ankle length ones, whichever you like or are comfortable with.

Here are few styling tips with denims and boots for this winter….

Basic Ripped Denim style– A long warm top perfectly goes with a basic ripped denim, folded at the bottom and paired with a pair of black boots. A small style tip, you can match the color of the bag and footwear for a balanced look always. Neutral shades go well with each other like brown and black here.

The leather jacket look– Have you ever thought of combining a short kurta with a leather jacket, well here is how to rock the look. Throw a warm scarf around the neck and pair it up with classic ripped or regular denim and boots.

Go all black– Black is one color which never fails to impress irrespective of gender, age, skin tone etc. It always looks great and winters gives you that perfect one reason to wear all black. So whether it’s the sweat shirt or the leather jacket, denims, boots, bag and even your goggles can be all in black. Beware you are going to make the heads turn lady…..

The long cape style– Combining a long warm cape with your regular denim boots and shirt style is a good layering option. Boots and hat look super stylish with each other. Try this combination.

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