Boot It Up

In winters its necessary to keep yourself covered and look stylish too. This also applies to your footwear. You cannot wear the same summer ballerinas and expect them to keep you warm. But Boots help you to feel protected against the harsh and cold climate. They look smart and trendy and can be easily styled with most of your winter wear. Here are few styles in Boots to choose from…..

The Chelsea Boot– Chelsea Boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. They often have a loop or tab of fabric on the back of the boot, enabling the boot to be pulled on. The boot dates back to the Victorian era, when it was worn by both men and women.

Buckled Strap Boots– This style has a buckled strap as a fastening mechanism. It can has one or multi strap too.

Side Zipper Boots– This relaxed style can be in any pattern and has a side zipper for easy slip in. It gets easy and comfortable to wear boots this way.

Wedge Boots– Wedge Boots are boots with a sole in the form of a wedge so that one piece of material, normally rubber, serves as both the sole and the Heel. Wedge boots are more common for women and often have a sole that is much thicker at the back than the front, making it a high-heel boot.

Turned Down Upper Style– This style generally has a contrast backing in different print or a different material like felt or other woolen fabric, which shows off while turned opposite.

Timberland Boots– Timberland is basically a highly acclaimed American manufacturer of shoes, and have a specific design for boots like the front tie up details and a cut-out sole work.

Knee length boots– The knee high boots have different lengths, they can end below the knee or can go up , covering the knee too.

Cutout Boots– The boots can have some sort of a cutout design in the pattern instead of a flat design. The cutout can be in any form and any design.

Ugg Boots– Generally available in flats, made of a soft material like felt and a warm backing inside, makes this style a favourite style for winters.

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  1. I would like to know where I can by the brown side zipper bootie and how much do they cost.

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