The Charm of Khadi in Bollywood

The moment we hear khadi, the first thing we could visualize is Mahatma Gandhi on his spinning wheel, spinning out the cotton yarn. We know how much he loved it and also had a Khadi Movement in 1918. In his wordsKhadi has a tonic effect but, like nourishing food, it may not please one’s taste; its savour lies in its tonic effect’. For him Khadi was a symbol of nationalism, equality and self reliance.

Khadi as a fabric is known as a versatile fabric which happens to be cool in summers and warm in winters. It is hand-woven in a spinning wheel called Charkha and is basically made out of cotton. Khadi has different varieties depending on the yarn count which decides the thickness or the thinness of the fabric. It is also blended with Silk and Wool for different versions of Khadi.

Check out how these celebrities have kept no stone unturned to look chic and fashionable in the country’s very own fabric The Khadi….

Maria Goretti at Dedh Ishqiya premiere wearing khadi


Vidya Balan at airport Wearing Khadi from the designer Shruti Sancheti


Neha Dhupia at Designer Payal Singhal’s show in Abraham & Thakore


Shabana Azmi in Khadi Kurta at colors show


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