R Madhvan shares a true story of Dr. Bhosle who gave up his life while fighting for others

R Madhvan Shares #VicksTouchOfCare- A True Story Of Dr. Dnyaneshwar Who Gave Up His Life While Fighting For Others

R Madhavan is one actor whom we all can look upto as a human being. Apart from his natural acting skills, he is always engaged and inspires others to be more conscious of better things in life. His Instagram and twitter feeds are full of such inspirational stories which all of can look forward and learn from.

The actor recently shared a true story of Dr. Dnyaneshwar who gave up his life while fighting for others during the pandemic.

“Vicks Touch of care

The heart warming film showcasing Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale’s #TouchOfCare, surely moved my heart and I couldn’t help the tears that followed. Being balled into our nests safely, it is hard to understand what the frontline workers go through. Thanks to @vicksindia for bringing Dr. Bhosale’s extraordinary act of care out in the world and moving us to recognize many such acts portrayed by the doctors community. I am truly thankful for this gem of a person and love the spirit that Mrs. Bhosale lives on. She truly inspires us to keep the care alive” he captioned.

We salute the spirit of Mrs. Bhosle who came out much stronger in these testing times. Though we know that its easy to write or say but we can understand how tough it must have been for her to get through this. But stories like this make you believe that there are people who live for others and think of others, and these are the people who are the need of the society and the country.

Image reference- R Madhvan’s Instagram account, Original source

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