Get Inspired By Alia Bhatt Looks For This Summer

Alia Bhatt is an actress who experiments a lot with her looks, her clothes are mostly stylish and have a young age appeal to them.

Almost all her looks have a very fresh and a charming appeal and are mostly matched with a light or nude make up.

This makes her an idle choice for us to get inspired for our summer wear look, which would be light and breezy but stylish at the same time.

You too can follow these lovely looks of her for a comfortable summer dressing…..


Pintucked loose Dress– Pintucks is a very important design element when it comes to summer dressing. It helps in providing a necessary shape to the garment with a add on look of the tucks as a design at the top part of a dress, top or a shirt. It’s great for the people who like to wear a little fitted silhouette till the bust line, and like it loose from the waist. It is also a very comfortable and breezy silhouette. Alia Bhatt white summer pintuck dress in a short length and printed bottom looks apt for a light sunny outings.


Handkerchief dress– An all white cotton upper is what you need in your wardrobe to beat the heat. An all white handkerchief dress in a long length with strap shoulders looks idle for the summers. You can wear it as it or team it up with your favorite pair of denims.


Matching ensembles– Pick up a matching short top and a pair of loose pants or culottes in natural fabrics like linen, cotton etc. for a nice comfortable dressing. They are the best when you are confused about what to wear. Pair them with sneakers. A plain long skirt and a crop top look nice too.

The skirt look– Skirts look summer perfect irrespective of their lengths, pair them with a fitted top or with an off shoulder blouse which are in trend right now.


Long Jacket with bustier-Long sleeveless jackets can be paired with culottes and a crop top or a bustier for a stylish summer evening.


Image reference- Pinterest

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