3 Ways To Wear Bandhej Pieces If You Love Minimalism

Bandhej is a traditional art where different designs are created on a piece of fabric by knotting the pattern or the design with thread after which it is dyed. Once it dries the threads are open and the design can be seen underneath. Since these pieces are done on cotton, silk, wool etc, basically all natural fabrics which absorb dyes nicely therefore the texture produced is always different depending on the fabric done. But if you are a vivid lover of handmade products then you cannot miss wearing this piece of art. And this is how you can slay your look wearing a bandhej in a minimal style…

Bandhej blouse– Use a bandhej blouse with a plain sari. Bandhej pieces which have zari work on them are perfect to pair with a plain saree which has a sheen on it. Also if you want to wear a cotton bandhej blouse then its a perfect pair for your plain cotton saree. Additional bandhej tassels on the saree would look great too.

Bandhej dupatta– You can also pep up a plain kurta by adding a bandhej dupatta to your plain set. The vibrant colors and the texture of the bandhej design will make your light colored kurta set look so beautiful and loveable.

Bandhej accents– A plain kurta can also be worn with a matching bandhej palazzo and a bandhej print stole. A little bit of texture on the sleeves is a treat to eyes too.

Bandhej Bustier– You can also go for a bustier style blouse to be styled with a cape and a stylish bottom. Plain cape and a bottom will look perfect with a printed blouse in the same color.

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