Happy National Handloom Day

August 7 is considered as the National Handloom Day which was started by The Union Government in July 2015 with the objective to create awareness and to emphasis on the importance of the handloom industry.The first National Handloom Day was inaugurated on 7 August 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. But sadly most of us do not even know that a day like this exits….

This handloom day lets pledge to make Handloom pieces a part of our daily lives in some or the other way, otherwise soon our skilled craftsmen and weavers will have zero work and our textile heritage will become extinct. Its easy to buy cheap china made goods but there is nothing like owning handmade goods created in your own land. Here are few ways how you can support the movement through your purchases….

Office Wear– Include handwoven fabrics in your office wear, shirts and trousers made in this stuff not only look chic but are also a class apart. Look out for contemporary designs and get them tailor fit in the style of your choice.

Dresses-Dresses made out of handwoven, hand-painted or handyed fabrics adds up a very contemporary style to your wardrobe. Its time to ditch up those Georgette and chiffon dresses and rather soak up in something which will give you satisfaction. These dresses look cool and are perfect for day to day wear.


Trousers– Replace your plain trousers with handwoven trousers in fabrics like Ikat, Chanderi, Tangail, Bagh, Bagru etc, and you will definitely make heads turn when you pair them with your regular shirts and kurti’s to office.

Buy these pants- https://www.jaypore.com/blue-ikat-cotton-pleated-slim-pants-by-indian-august-p151272

Home linen’s– Nothing like decorating your home with handwoven and handpainted linens in natural fabrics. No mill made fabric can give your home the much needed revamp but these fabrics.

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